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“We develop killer creative that captures attention, evokes conversation and compels response…filling sales funnels with solid leads."
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Powerful Marketing that Gets Results

“An agency must have four characteristics that work together to achieve client success: engaging creative, conversations and content that convert to sales, an analytical perspective and a plan leading to results."

Founded in 1995, The New York Group has worked with clients nationwide to empower their brands, develop strategic positioning, enhance competitive advantages, expand target markets, build revenue and customer relationships, attract top talent and achieve marketplace leadership. Our work spans the following industry sectors:



luxury retail

music retail
real estate

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We’re Doing What's Next in Marketing Right Now

"To choose the right solutions, you first need to ask the right questions, you need deeper insight into the who, why and how of your brand's engagement, which can lead to dramatically improved sales results..."

Our team of smart strategists and vibrant creatives work collaboratively with clients to develop and implement innovative, results-driven campaigns. We inspire and empower our clients to engage customers in meaningful conversations that build brand affinity, loyalty and satisfaction. 

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Brand Engagement that Builds Loyalty and Sales

"Brands need to keep innovating and exploring new ways of getting closer to customers. Engagement is the blending of advanced technology with customer interactions to craft memorable moments that lead to meaningful outcomes. It's time to attract the right prospects and build stronger relationships with customers."

We take advertising beyond the creative by integrating smart technologies, marketing strategy and targeted communications to enhance your brand's relationship with your customers. Marketing communications are more personal and appear on more platforms than ever before, requiring higher message relevancy and clear call to action to maximize customer response and engagement. Placing people interactions, both employee-to-customer and employee-to-employee, at the center of your marketing strategy builds brand affinity, customer relationships and sales. 

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Conversations that Lead to Conversions

“To avoid 'marketing drift,’ your brand must first develop a strategy for each customer persona, it will attract new customers to your lead funnel and covert more sales for your team..."

We use a multi-dimensional integrated communications model of both modern and traditional approaches to communicate messaging across all platforms, nourishing relationships by developing targeted conversations for each customer persona. We connect with prospects through brand culture, persuasive messaging and clear call to action, transforming them into high lifetime value customers. Using smart analytics, we identify top performing marketing channels to develop effective promotional campaigns with maximum ROI.

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Let’s have a conversation about retailing different.

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@ The Austin Studio
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